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2.4mm Universal Locking TPLO Plates

<!400>2.4mm Universal Locking TPLO Plates

The new Universal Locking TPLO Plates combine exceptional performance, simplicity and economy. The symmetric design cuts your inventory expense in half and increases overall versatility. The next generation of innovation, these are variants of the very popular non-locking version. There are 2 locking holes on the stem and 2 on the head. The 4 screws provide maximal stability even on a under contoured plate.

Additional Notes & Tips
The locking holes in the head portion of the plate are designed to be pointing downward. This allows for the locking screw inserted from an 8 degrees upward to a 22 degrees downward direction. This will allow suitable compensation for contouring the neck portion of the plate. Contouring the universal plate is effortless; Its only purpose is to further support bending and twisting forces. This plate is designed with a natural flexibility and exhibits excellent cyclic fatigue strength due to its geometry and surace treatment. To further reduce cycling position the lateral cortex in contact at the osteotomy site. The symmetric design cuts your inventory expense in half and increases overall versatility.

Downward and forward compression can be achieved with fully attaching the stem part of the plate first and then inserting the 4th screw as a compression screw. Place the drill bit in the most caudal and proximal position of the centered compression hole without a drill guide. This will allow close to a 1 mm downward and forward compression.
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LPULC24 2.4mm Universal Locking TPLO Plate

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