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2.7mm Locking Plates

<!407>2.7mm Locking Plates

The 2.5mm thick VID Universal Locking Limited Contact Plate is a great alternative in small bone fracture repair as well as in special applications where increased stability is required or screw loosening is anticipated such as Ulna Osteotomy procedures. The plate can withstand similar loads as the AO/ASIF plate when all screw holes are filled. The screw holes on the plate accept the 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm VID Universal Locking screws as well as the 2.7 mm AO/ASIF screws. The plate is notched on the bone interface for limited contact to improve periosteal circulation when against the bone, but utilizes a slightly greater thickness for increased strength. It is available in a micro beaded matte finish.

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Item# Item Name Qty
LPS27-5 2.7mm Locking Plate: 5-Hole / L = 44.4mm
LPS27-6 2.7mm Locking Plate: 6-Hole / L = 52.4mm
LPS27-7 2.7mm Locking Plate: 7-Hole / L = 60.4mm
LPS27-8 2.7mm Locking Plate: 8-Hole / L = 68.4mm
LPS27-9 2.7mm Locking Plate: 9-Hole / L = 76.4mm
LPS27-10 2.7mm Locking Plate: 10-Hole / L = 84.4mm
LPS27-11 2.7mm Locking Plate: 11-Hole / L = 92.4mm
LPS27-12 2.7mm Locking Plate: 12-Hole / L = 100.4mm
LPS27-13 2.7mm Locking Plate: 13-Hole / L = 108.4mm
LPS27-14 2.7mm Locking Plate: 14-Hole / L = 116.4mm

Technical Specs:
  • Width = 8.0mm
  • Thickness = 2.5mm

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