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3.5mm Broad Locking Plates

<!409>3.5mm Broad Locking Plates

The 4.0mm thick Universal Locking Broad Plate is a great alternative in fracture repair as well as in special applications where increased stability is required. The plate can withstand similar loads as the 3.5 mm broad AO/ASIF DCP plate when all screw holes are filled. The screw holes on the plate will also accept the 2.7 mm and 4.0 mm VID Universal Locking Screws as well as the 3.5 mm AO/ASIF cortical or 4.0 cancellous screws. The VID Universal Locking System Plates can be applied without the need for changing drill bits or screw drivers. The same 2.5 mm drill bit and hex screw driver can be used for the locking and AO/ASIF screws in the same surgery. The screws can be inserted straight or in a polyaxial fashion with using either end of the VID drill guide. We recommend to use VID Locking and AO/ASIF cortex screws freely in the fracture repair design. The plate is arched but not notched for limited contact on the bone interface to improve strength and load requirements. Since the locking system is not as sensitive for incomplete contouring the plate can be offset from perfect bone contact. Also there is no need to try to apply the plate as a dynamic compression plate. With the increased stability of screw plate interface bone compression is not required for stable fixation. The ends of the plate are tapered for easy MIPO placement as needed. It is available in a micro beaded matte finish.

Additional Notes & Tips
It is often more proportional to use the 3.5 mm VID Locking System Broad Plates with the 4.0 mm locking screws. Apply the quick lock VID 4.0 mm drill guide for pre-drilling with a 3.2 mm drill bit. Use the same 2.5 mm tip AO/ASIF hex screw driver.

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Item# Item Name Qty
LPB35/5 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 5-Hole / L = 68.0mm
LPB35/6 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 6-Hole / L = 80.0mm
LPB35/7 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 7-Hole / L = 92.0mm
LPB35/8 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 8-Hole / L = 104.0mm
LPB35/9 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 9-Hole / L = 116.0mm
LPB35/10 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 10-Hole / L = 128.0mm
LPB35/11 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 11-Hole / L = 140.0mm
LPB35/12 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 12-Hole / L = 152.0mm
LPB35/13 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 13-Hole / L = 164.0mm
LPB35/14 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 14-Hole / L = 176.0mm
LPB35/15 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 15-Hole / L = 188.0mm
LPB35/16 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 16-Hole / L = 200.0mm
LPB35/17 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 17-Hole / L = 212.0mm
LPB35/18 3.5mm Broad Locking Plate: 18-Hole / L = 224.0mm

Technical Specs:
  • Width=11.5mm
  • Thickness=4.0mm

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