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3.5mm Dynamic Compression Plates

<!619>3.5mm Dynamic Compression Plates

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Item# Item Name Qty
PDCPN35/2 3.5mm DCP: 2-Hole / L = 25.0mm
PDCPN35/3 3.5mm DCP: 3-Hole / L = 37.0mm
PDCPN35/4 3.5mm DCP: 4-Hole / L = 49.0mm
PDCPN35/5 3.5mm DCP: 5-Hole / L = 61.5mm
PDCPN35/6 3.5mm DCP: 6-Hole / L = 73.0mm
PDCPN35/7 3.5mm DCP: 7-Hole / L = 85.0mm
PDCPN35/8 3.5mm DCP: 8-Hole / L = 97.0mm
PDCPN35/9 3.5mm DCP: 9-Hole / L = 109.0mm
PDCPN35/10 3.5mm DCP: 10-Hole / L = 121.0mm
PDCPN35/11 3.5mm DCP: 11-Hole / L = 133.0mm
PDCPN35/12 3.5mm DCP: 12-Hole / L = 145.0mm
PDCPN35/14 3.5mm DCP: 14-Hole / L = 169.0mm
PDCPN35/16 3.5mm DCP: 16-Hole / L = 193.0mm

Technical Specs:
  • Width = 10.0mm
  • Thickness = 3.0mm

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